Lịch Việt

Mobile calendar application for Vietnamese people

A free utility to lookup Solar calendar, Lunar calendar and schedule event on Lunar calendar for Android-based phones and BlackBerry.

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Overview of Lịch Việt

Lịch Việt is a handy utility specially tailored for Vietnamese people to lookup Solar calendar (or Gregorian calendar) and Lunar calendar, schedule events on Lunar calendar. The version for Android-based phones can also integrate with Google Calendar, which enables users to schedule events on their phones and access those events from other channels (such as web).

Lịch Việt can run on most of Android 1.5+ and BlackBerry 4.5+ phones.

Here is the main feature list of Lịch Việt:

  • Look up Solar calendar, Lunar calendar.
  • Schedule event on Lunar calendar
  • Jump to any particular date
  • View bad/good days (based on Indochine horoscope), propitious hour.
  • Provide day and month widget (Android only)
  • View details about a specific date from Month calendar.
  • Display events on Date calendar and Month calendar.

Visit the home page of Lịch Việt for more information.