GUI prototyping and sketching

A cross-platform GUI prototyping and sketching tool based on Mozilla Firefox platform.

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Overview of Pencil

Pencil in an opensource GUI prototyping and sketching tools, developed by Evolus based on Mozilla technologies. This tools greatly help business analysts and GUI developers quickly draw GUI of applications to prepare proposal documents for clients to collect requirements, and for developer as a base document about GUI.

Pencil project is one of the effort Evolus to contribute back to the community. Therefore, Pencil is released under an opensource license (GPL) so everyone can have opportunities to use, access to source code for modification and upgrade.

Pencil is packaged as an add-on for Mozilla Firefox 3 or as a standalone application. Pencil is a multi-platform applications and can virtually run on every platforms supported by Mozilla Firefox 3.

Pencil is the winner of Extend Firefox 3 Contest hold by Mozilla Firefox on 2008.