Evolus Hippocrate™

An overall solution for polyclinics

An integrated system to manage the polyclinics, support all medical operations as well as storing, searching Electronic Patient Records (EPR)

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Hippocrate user interfaces for various departments

Automating examination process of clinics

Hippocrate™ connects all the departments/sections in the clinic, from patient admission, examination, para-clinical, nursing to cashier and pharmacy...At each department, Hippocrate™ provide a specific GUI for employees of clinic to update data easily and transfer information automatically in the system.

Hippocrate™ maintains a high availability of data on working screens of individuals in real time and eliminate all the unneccessary/manual data entry.

All the patient medical information are stored and managed efficiently, which help doctors quickly have an overview of problem history or treatment.

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Hippocrate automation processes

Maximizing productivity and service quality of clinic

All the medical information is transfered instantly among departments/sections, reducing the waiting time of patient as well as operation human errors.

All the health reports are now generated automatically with a single click. Health report data is collected instantly and precisely from all the previous examination processes, completely eliminating manual/boring tasks.

Data entry UIs are fun-to-use with many special components to boost the data entry processes of receiptionists, pharmacists and doctors.

Hippocrate user interfaces for various departments

Cross-platform with intuitive UI

Hippocrate™ is a client-server model with best-of-breed technologies and developed to operate on all popular platforms, help you freely choose the IT infrastructure for your clinic.

The server application of Hippocrate™ can be deployed on Microsoft Windows Server 2003/2008, CentOS Linux/RHEL 5.0+ or Sun Solaris. The database of Hippocrate™ is designed to smoothly operate on all modern database management systems such as PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2 or Oracle.

Hippocrate™ does not require any additional proprietary software to operate. You can deploy in a high quality open source IT infrastructure.

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