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Viet My Polyclinic is now using Hippocrate™ in production

Monday 08 December 2008

Bác sỹ khám bệnh cho bệnh nhân, chuẩn đoán và cho toa thuốc dưới sự trợ giúp của phần mềm HippocrateThe doctor is consulting, diagnosing and giving prescription with the support of Hippocrate

After deploying and initial testing the Hippocrate™ solution, Viet My Polyclinic (02 Hoang Hoa Tham street, Binh Thanh district, HCMC) is now officially using the solution in production with full speed and feature from December 2009 to manage all its the computerized operations.

Viet My is a modern polyclinic, serve patients by the standards of the health system in North America. Viet My now have 15 examination rooms with the number of workstation concurrently running up to fifty.

Mr Đặng Hoàng Nam, director of polyclinic, said about the initial testing:

The Hippocrate™ solution totally suits our needs of feature, performance and usability, the productivity of our employees is doubled. All the manual tasks are now automated by the software, the users just input data once and make it available everywhere in the examination process. Every bits of patient information are collected during their medical sessions at the clinics, which is used to generate various of reports later. This is very helpful in our health consulting business.

Y tá tiếp nhận bệnh nhân và ghi nhận các chỉ số sức khỏe cơ bản vào hệ thốngThe nurse is entering vital signals into the system.

He added that the Hippocrate solution leveraged the power of the open-sourced software and platforms which greatly help the clinics to cut down the cost for their IT infrastructure. In the deployment, the polyclinic decided to switch from Microsoft Windows to Ubuntu 8.10 on most of the workstations to reduce the license fee for its operation.

Hippocrate™ is the main product line of Evolus. All the core features are built on the result of researching real-life requirements of polyclinics in Vietnam and reference implementation of other health care software products, the final product is a strong combination of robust software architecture design and development as well as consultation of health care experts about their needs.

Kỹ thuật viên làm các xét nghiệm do bác sỹ chỉ địnhLab technican is doing lab tests requested by doctors

On the rise of professionalism and modernization in examination business, Evolus made a huge investment in the Hippocrate™ solution to make its core robust and flexible to be customized for every clinic of all size and need in the future. And this is the main reason for our successful deployment at Viet My Polyclinic this time.

Toa thuốc của bác sỹ cho được tự động chuyển ra nhà thuốc, giúp nhà thuốc có thể chuẩn bị thuốc trước cho bệnh nhânPrescriptions given by doctors are transmitted to pharmacy automatically.

Mr Đặng Hoàng Nam also stated that his polyclinic will open another branch before the end of 2009 and start using Hippocrate from day one. With a flexible deployment model, Hippocrate™ can be deployed to centralize all processing operation and data between many branches of the clinics.

The fact that Hippocrate™ is deployed in production at Viet My Polyclinics is a first successful step of Evolus in Hippocrate™ investment. In the near future, many improvements will be integrated into Hippocrate™. Our next goal is to be able to deploy Hippocrate™ in hospitals.