Profile Management™

A cross-platform tool for managing civil profiles

Managing, printing, searching profiles, marriage certificate and death certificate are now easier.

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Data entry functionality

Civil officers are provided clear, intuitive and easy-to-use GUIs to quickly input data with minimum errors. All the civil data is encrypted with strong encryption algorithm before storing in the database to protect the privacy. The newest version of Profile Management has built-in support for all the newest birth certificate, marriage certificate and death certificate templates of Department of Justice.

Searching for civil profile functionality

In order to support civil officers to searching and quoting the civil profile information, Profile Management provides a killer-feature for that purpose, the fulltext searching with complex criteria. Now, searching for a specific civil profile takes a couple of seconds, instead of minutes or even hours with paper-based civil profile.

Printing with predefined templates

With every document stored in the esystem, Profile Management supports to print it on many predefined templates of Department of Justice. All the predefined template are all available in the system and the information in the equivalent document will automatically extracted and fill into the templates. Beside the support for printing documents existed in the system, Profile Management also support for ad-hoc printing with documents not in the system.

Currently, Profile Management now supports the following predefined templates:

  • Birth certificate main copy and subordinate copy.
  • Civil status amendment main copy and subordinate copy.
  • Marriage certificate main copy and subordinate copy.
  • Death certificate main copy and subordinate copy.

Profile Management provide a built-in tool to install a new templates and modify the existing templates with ease

System administration functionality

Civil status data is very important, it need a proper storing and securing mechenism. To fullfil this special operation, Profile Management all the tool need by the system administrator to do this task.


Common UI:

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Civil status management:

Marriage certificate management:

Death certificate management:

System administration: